Thursday, September 24, 2009

WHAT!? Microsoft mending their ways?

So I recently got my new MacBook Pro for school. I just installed VMWare Fusion and Windows XP Pro onto it, only to find out that Internet Explorer 8 now has a 'Compatibility mode'. Now, In case you don't know me enough, would like to state that I have a grudge against IE, as do most web developers. This is because its renderer breaks a lot of rules which the W3C has make a standard in all compliant browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Camino, etc). So, I was about to make my site compatible with IE when I discovered that by default this compatibility mode is turned off, and counterintuitively this makes my site work correctly! Would you believe that microsoft makes it so that when compatibility mode is off, its browser doesn't break the W3C standards? WELL... LOL to that! Ha! Anyways, this is good news. I simply had my site ( let users know to upgrade to IE 8 if they are using an older version, or to switch to a nice browser, listed above.

Good job, Microshit!


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