Tuesday, December 2, 2008

O! Hai!

Well wow I totally forgot about this blog! Interesting... I deleted all the old posts 'cause they were old and retarded and there was only a few. Now I've decided to start this back up again and with some cool stuff.

I started to learn circuitry a couple weeks ago! My first project is making a railgun. Basically I'm using a disposable flash camera's charging circuit to charge up a decent sized bank of capacitors. Upon charging, they will be discharged down rails and through an aluminum projectile. The projectile will encase a material like steel, which melts at a much hotter temperature. When the capacitors discharge it should vaporize the aluminum encasing and create a magnetic field, accelerating the piece of steel along its rails.

But there's a catch! I'm also making this railgun a turret! using pots (variable resistors) and servo motors I will be able to control it. Another +: I will be mounting a small camera on it as a sight so that I can properly and accurately aim it.

Wish me luck!

In other news... school is awesome and easy. Possibly for college I'll be doing digital arts. I have my eyes set on one college. We will see!


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