Sunday, December 7, 2008


Ok ok so last night my girlfriend and I went into the city. First wit hit up haight street (birthplace of acid and at one point weed-capital of the united states... fun!) Was pretty awesome. My first time going there and now I see why she likes it so much. Weed stores too. One of them sells salvia. Haha! Anyways, after that we went up to twin peaks and saw the whole city. It's always foggy so you usually can't see it! Keep in mind it was night time so it was all lit up. Very cool. Here's the ...most fun part? Sarcasm there. But at least it was an adventure. So basically we were looking for this night club to check out tickets for a concertish there next friday. We knew what street it was on but just couldn't locate it! We literally drove in circles for an hour and a half before we got directions and finally made it there. By then we were so annoyed that when it came time to drive home, we accidentally turned backwards onto a fat one-way street! And would you know we had a nice big truck and two cars staring down our noses. We fail so hard sometimes. :) At least we made it out alive!

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