Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years

Happy new years to those who might stumble upon my blog.

This new years I vaguely saw the fireworks in the city from miles away. Good stuff. :) Before that, my girlfriend and I had some fun. You know what I mean! And after the fireworks we attempted to gather a bunch of friends to chill in the park with a fire and speakers and such. It failed because half the people were too smashed to make it and the fire wouldn't start. And would you know my girlfriend drank a whole bottle of sake and I had to drive her to her friends house in her own car and have her friend drive me home. Yay for having my permit for 8 months and being too lazy to take the driving test!

My new years resolution? I enjoy learning new things on my own time. For the most part, things that relate to computers. I know several programming languages and recently have taken up another. Because of how useful I have found learning, and the amount of projects that I have that are close to or half-way completed, I have decided that from now on I will not leave a project unfinished. I believe that will help me so much this year, as I take on tasks that I could never have imagined possible of myself!

Again, for those of you that stumble across my blog, tell me your new years resolution!


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